…here, those beautifully observed planes and shadows hint at something as menacing as de Chirico’s melancholy streets. Elsewhere the suggestion of the surreal is pushed to utterly compelling limits…
— Hamish Clayton, ‘Wellington Observed: A Photographic Portfolio by Camus Wyatt’, Art New Zealand, Autumn 2013

b. 1986 in the Wairarapa, New Zealand; mid-way between the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Bibliophile, cinephile, art lover. Enthusiast of dark beers, clear spirits and voracious curiosity.

It is central to the magic of photography that a piece of captured light can evoke both deep contemplation and immediate feeling. My work examines our connections with the world through thought and geography. These images combine a deeply personal vision of the observable world with a love for joyous sensuality, and the immersive, simple beauty of light and form. I draw on visions and ideas from many mediums including painting, film and literature.

Camus’ photographs are infused with the concept of an evolving culture and identity in New Zealand - Aotearoa, and of our place within the wider world. He holds a degree in History and International Relations focusing on the politics and development of Asia-Pacific nations and societies. He won the John F. Kennedy Prize in American History in 2007, and has won multiple New Zealand awards for his visual imagery.

Camus' work is held in several prominent New Zealand art collections, and has been published in the U.S.A., Canada, Greece, Poland and the U.A.E. 

He lives in Wellington, New Zealand.

Solo exhibitions: 

Street Light, 2008-2010, Photospace, Wellington, New Zealand, February-March 2011.
Ephemeral Joys, Photospace, Wellington, New Zealand, February-March 2013.
Pouwhenua, 30Upstairs, Wellington, New Zealand, February-March 2016.